Adrien Trybucki (b. 1993) devotes his activity as a composer to acoustic, electroacoustic and electronic music. The obsessive nature of his writing can be found in his firsts opuses for which he received the awards Île de créations in 2014, from the Francis and Mica Salabert foundation in 2018 and from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2019.

Upcoming concerts

    • 28th Sep 2021 19:30 UTC+02:00
    • 22nd Oct 2021 20:00 UTC+02:00
    • En Stries for electro-XAMP accordions duo world premiere
    • MANCA 2021
    • Théâtre Francis Gag
      4 rue de la Croix, 06300 Nice, France
    • 23rd Nov 2021
    • Amadinda for prepared vibraphone
      Patricia Vénissac
    • Forum ByPass
    • Théâtre Le Ring
      151 route de Blagnac, 31200 Toulouse, France